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Sometimes I like to browse through the selected topics listed at the bottom of each page. But if there are 2 topics I’d like to look at and I pick one, the back button doesn’t return me to the same list! (It’s not a deal-breaker as I guess I could make a note of it & search, but…)

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That’s a mechanic from the forum platform, so we can’t change it.
As a suggestion, using the click from the mouse wheel in any link will open a new tab with the linked page without closing the current one. Very useful way to navigate.


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that!

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I have now read what I believe to be every topic (all topics are light grey not black) and every reply in all topics but looking at the users page there are still 100 or so topics compared to others I have not Viewed and 1,000 posts I have not read. I know of only one hidden/restricted topic I think its for historians and archeologists but find it hard to believe that it has 1000 posts and 100 topics.

So am I missing something or have you merged 100 topics and deleted 1000 posts.

Topics are not only listed in the lobby, only latest ones are there.
To find more topics you should open thematic sections on the left. In some of them there are also subsections.
Also, not all topics fin each section fit in one page, so you need to scroll down to force more topics to load.
If you already did all this, then you have read it all. But as far as I know the forum numbers you see accounts only for what you can actually read, so yes, you still have more than 1000 post to read.

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