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It’s been more than 1 and 1/2 year since the last screenshotsaturday !

Don’t get me wrong, I know the team is hard working and trying to get the game out for beta release but I hope you’ll ressucitate these topics !



The developers previously said they won’t be showing off much of the game until closer to release so their ideas aren’t stolen by other games. They do occasionally show off new screenshots at


their twitter posts makes a relief. better to know them working hard for this game than posting some screenshot.

The format was supposed to be a trend, I’m just wondering why it ended more than a year ago.

BTW, Twitter screenshots and forum screenshots are two different things.
Twitter is public, when forum is reserved to backers and VIP.


According to the devs, a lot of the work being done is on the simulation engine they’re building from the ground up. For this reason the game isn’t always in a playable state and there aren’t new visual features to show off every month. They’ve been focusing a lot on the world map this year and you can see screenshots of their progress on twitter.

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