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Screenshot Saturday?

I know this is being pushy, but I’m so hyped for any and all info on this game that I’m a little peeved that the devs didn’t post a screenshot today… maybe this is a bit too early, but I think it’s pretty late in Europe right now, so I don’t think we’ll be getting one today. Or, am I just a dumb @ss and they posted it somewhere else?

Edit: they posted it later than i would have thought lol. I was watching the mayweather vs mcgregor fight when they posted it so my bad for not seeing it before I went to bed.

It’s weekend mate, They are allowed a break you know :slight_smile:

… you do know about screenshot Saturday, right? and besides, the same thing happened last week and someone made a comment about it then too… so, go bug them mate. And I said that I knew I was being pushy, no need for the shame.

nvm they posted it!!! yay