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Reward system for Tasks?

Would it be a good idea down the line, to add tasks granting reward for your tribe , such as a bundle of skin, a bundle of plant-fibre, a pack of 4 boars immigrating, or even “2 immigrants join your tribe”, and so on, for doing different tasks. The tasks can become more difficult as your tribe expands and grows.
The tasks can be whatever really, such as “build 4 baskets” or “ease a exploited member”, or “hunt 2 Hares”, only the sky is the limit! :slight_smile:
This I know for a fact tend to be rather popular and could keep some of our impatient players happier as we await patches and updates.
It can also help some players who give up due to struggle with food and perhaps also general insight into game, causing them to not give up so quickly :slight_smile:
It can be optional if we wish to do the tasks obviously, but the offer is still there.
I think I would use it during winter or before migration and so on for soem extra help along the way :slight_smile:
An achievement system would also be exellent down the line, where by milestones such as 50 members of tribe you get increased animal migration wherever you camp, or your people become less likely to leave tribe due to unhappiness, or even that people go longer before they starve to death etc, these are just examples, need not be these types of rewards.
I feel this might enrich the game to a degree where more people would be wanting to play it :slight_smile:

Could this be a consideration down the line perhaps? :slight_smile:


I would be up for that idea if they ever implemented a “challenge” mode or just like a “story” mode alongside the current sandbox mode. I don’t personally feel that tasks granting bundle rewards really fits into the general aesthetic of this title and it’s more simulation-like approach to city building.

Expanding on the achievement idea, what if instead of player/tribe rewards/achievements the tribe members themselves gained achievements and boosts from spending a long time doing the same activity successfully. Such as “Great Hunter” or “Great Warrior” or “Great game developer”? :stuck_out_tongue:


See I really like this concept but for the reward is just more efficient building or technology advancement.
For example if you build 50 pelts, you gain knowledge on how to do it faster. If you do 50 more pelts the quality of pelt is substantially better giving it a longer shelf life. If you do 100 pelts total you learn other uses for pelts, like clothing items, blankets, pillows, etc…
Same for just about anything else even for gathering fish, the more time your tribe spends fishing, the more efficient the fishing will be, the better the tools that will be unlocked for fishing.
It will give you the player a sense of achievement, and it will also help progress the tribe.


I see lots of potential :smiley:

I would just very much like to see individuality among tribes during play throughs. If you have a tribe and you tend to just follow rivers and go from body of water to another then your tribe will advance as fishers, traders, and travelers. The tribes would be larger due to living in abundance. Where as if you are mostly mountain dwelling perhaps the type of clothing you develop become better suited for cold weather and better thicker armor for raiding. They would become better at fighting due to the harsher conditions and necessity to raid for supplies. The tribes would be smaller but hardier.

I’m not entirely sure what it would take to be implemented, but having some form of variation in how the tribes actually develop based on location and situation would be amazing.
Everyone talks about dawn of man, I feel like everyone’s tribe is exactly the same as everyone else when they play. Nothing against that game, I do enjoy it quite a bit. However the tribe and the culture has no actual life to it. We just up the difficulty, change the map and things slightly change but the overall strategy and goal is the exact same.

If we decide to consistently migrate along rivers then we should develop a faster means of traveling the water (canoes). Which could lead to better trading, better resource management, or even learning how to fish deep water in lakes and oceans with those canoes. Then boom you have a fishing and trading economy.
Whereas a mountain tribe will have almost no means of aquatic navigation, but they would have other benefits that suited their specific location. Maybe as for finding ores in the mountains and such idk, other people can chime in on what those could be. I’m just spit balling here as I wait to head to work.