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Possible gathering and construction issue

I have a group of 2 whose main job is to collect straw to maintain my current buildings and for new ones. The thing is, i currently have a large straw hut in construction and everytime they crop plants and get 1 straw, they return to camp and store their tool, and either deposit the straw to then add it to the building or just straight up dump the tool and then build with the 1 straw they collected. Instead they should gather a full 5 (I think 5 is max) straw and then return.

image 1: gather 1 straw and then return

image 2: builds with 1 straw

image 3: the dumped tool

Some might say its an issue of priority and such, but the building has the same priority as the task. And in my opinion they shouldnt do this unless the next closest straw source is far away or the priority isn’t within 1 or 2 steps of each other


I’ve noticed a strange issue when building/repairing my houses as well. My entire city is sleeping outside again and they are not happy…

We will check this. In the meanwhile try to pause new buildings until you have stored some resources to improve efficiency.

If the building is a communal building then lower the communal tasks priority and see if that helps too

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