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Player-controlled Population Limit

I feel it might be a great advantage to give players the option to limit population, at least untill population limiting implements are in place, such as disease and even war.

Hunter-Gatherers had to be careful with birthing unlimited amounts of children, due to limited amounts of food, even with migration. It was only when we learned Agriculture that larger populations could be sustained.

Disease and Injuries due to social and geographical environments is not avail in AC at the moment.
Given, a lot of children never made their 1st Birthday back then, let alone adulthood, however, we do not have that currently in AC unless we starve them to death.

Is this something that might come down the line? :slight_smile:


Maybe they could add a policy slider for births.

Births discouraged - Births not regulated - Births encouraged


Well the arrival of agriculture came with its own set of very unique problems - not sure if it originally allowed for more people and more births in general, but rather enabled people to stay togehter in larger groups and remain stationary (and starve collectively in periods of bad harvest) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe instead of regulating births, there could be a mechanic that makes groups of people to split off the main group once a certain limit is reached. The split-of-group could also help spreading culture on the world map, or even allow for trade etc to happen further down the line.

Feel that this would be a lot more immersive than stopping people from getting children - which also could lead to the player ending up with nothing but a bunch of grandparents and the tribe dying off?


I do love the option of moving away and it is very realistic with regards to the spreading of culture and opening of trade :slight_smile:

We are however where we are due to agriculture no matter famine or not , so yes, we could sustain larger populations as we learned agriculture, meaning larger populations could indeed stay in the same place together without having to move after the food :slight_smile:

As people die or emigrate, new births fill their places, meaning no extra mouths to feed, as in i.e. limit is 200 , then you got 12 elder dying, meaning 12 new children can be born \o/ Just like they are now except that more children are born than elder dying, which is why I now have 105 people in year 16 :o

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Love love love that idea :slight_smile: