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Platform releases

Hello Devs,

I’m a backer and I am wondering on which plateform AC will be released ?

I wish it’ll be possible on Gog, just because of ethic reasons (no DRM).

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Steam on release and DRM-free platform eventually! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What @Gal2 said is spot on.
Keep in mind that GOG release can be even months after the steam release. This is because to keep different platforms integration and updating properly is huge extra work, so until we reach a complete stable version we need to reduce that extra load as much as possible and focus in only one platform. Once all post release noise ( like bugs and patches and extra localizations and fine tuning ) settled down we will port to other suitable platforms, being GOG one of them as it has been crowdfunded.


just make sure whatever platform you put it on, the resource files should be open in the clear or at least on packable, and easily editable. I for one can’t wait to mod!


Being able to mod this game would be amazing!