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Out of resources

A question:
I´ve tryed to play the game but I never get anywhere since the resources seem to run out and people simply leave my tribe or die. What am I doing wrong?

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Well, currently this game is about resource management to cover tribe needs. So i assume you are doing all wrong :smiley:


migrate and manage resources wisely, your hunter gatherer, act like one and you’ll be successful


Wow… that really is an appalling response.
If someone doesn’t understand what to do, or how to play your game, then it is poorly designed, or badly explained. You don’t go and tell people “You’re just doing it wrong”.
Your game doesn’t give ANY indication that you have to keep on moving to survive. It also is generally a mess at the moment with the sheer lack of content.

Your attitude towards how things are going is embarrassing.


Please take it easy, we are here to help you and improve the game. We don’t want in any case to bother you. Regarding your question, there are many topics in this forums and steam forums where people explains how they survive several years. It is possible selecting the right location and producing, processing and storing wisely your resources. Have a nice day and please don’t hesitate to ask any concrete question you have regarding our game.

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I thought it was an odd response to a new poster myself, but it was obviously meant as a humorous response. No need to come in guns blazing :joy:

The fault is ours, just that simple… i don’t want the developer spoiling all the solutions to me… i want to find out… that’s basically 80% of the fun … finding out how to survive …