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Option to play Random or Chosen Migration-Locked Game

Maybe down the line we can get some of these options:

A player can pick either a random game or a chosen migration lock for so and so many ingame years.
Equal for all: If your Tribe dies the game ends.

1: AI Controlled

  • Game picks a random migration lock and area for you.

2: Players Choice

  • Your Tribe is locked to random locality once camped for so and so many ingame years before youre allowed to Migrate. Player can choose between:
  • 2 ingame years, 5, 8, 10 , even up to 12 or more for the very experienced and/or competive players.
    Or alternatively:
  • Youre granted 8 migrations in 10 years on easy
  • 6 years on Medium
  • 2 on Hard
  • 1 on Titan
  • 0 on Godlike

I would jump on the possibility to compete with other players and down the line would love a LeaderBoard on Steam or AC website of some sort with i.e years played and largest amount of members, amount of food gathered, animals killed, and so forth.

Competition is always good to hone skills and insight ! :slight_smile: