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Not sure how to activate your game in steam? this will help


When you get your steam key. the easiest way to get the game to download from steam is to go up to your menu and click on “Games.” Then click on “Activate a product on steam.” From there, it will bring up the key box. Copy and paste your Steam key into the box and steam will find the game for you to start the download.

Let me know if this helps for anyone confused.



hello, i bought a early chief for 45 Euros and then i payed 10 euros more on indiegogo for the lord upgrade, i don’t know how to get my key and it says i only payed 10 euros can you guys look into it?

Lord level is 60€, maybe this difference of 5€ is the problem. You should check your pledge level by login on our website. Maybe you have pledged with two different email addresses. If your problem persist, please contact us in the contact form on our website.