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New backer

Hello all you ancient cities backers.

I have just backed this awesome looking title and am really looking forward to the release.
I have been reading through and can see that their has been a waryness from the devs to post certain development news due to fear of copycats. Completely justified.

I cant imagine how patient you all are being having maybe backing this game for a couple of years now.
It would be amazing if the devs could produce a few short and brief videos of certain rock-solid features of the game and post them in the VIP only section for security reasons no?

Very exciting


Welcome to the community, Andrew @FlyingBagpipe!
May I commend you on your good taste :wink:


Welcome to the team.
Hopefully it won’t be to long till we get play, but at the end of the day, no matter how much longer we have to wait, it will be worth it.


Indeed welcome to the club.