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Neolithic Illustrations

Everyone loves pictures!

Pictures convey what words sometimes fail. When I would love to see his posting of Links, credited of course, to illustrations of Neolithic scenes which appear to be realistic. I think this thread should be only for imagery with a high confidence of realism. Late Mesolithic and early Bronze Age are probably fine to as their cultures would have transient overlap with Neolithic peoples, as well as concurrency within time, depending on the region.

I will keep posting Links to pictures if folks find them of use or interest. (I am not posting my own pictures lol)

I think this artist does a pretty good job, though the majority of these images are technically Mesolithic. Keep in mind that they are on the verge of becoming Neolithic, you’ll notice that much of what you see looks early Neolithic.

By Aden Engle

I cannot find any attribution for this image, other than the artist name scribbled in the corner. If anybody knows where it originally comes from, please let me know.

Here are a bunch of good ones from Pierre Joubert.


We love references, thanks!


Don’t know. I’m avoiding any that depicts an entire Village walking around in high-quality modern-day bleached linen LOL Those are extremely common to find and not only would they be impractical, there’s not really any evidence for them, anyway.

More Neolithic and Neolithic-like illustrations! \o/
Some good links, too!

I’m not putting my own illustrations in this thread, but it’s funny to me that I keep finding my own reproductions and illustrations when searching for other people’s illustrations. lol

Here is a GREAT group of images!!! Here is one of them, but the link takes you to a dozen or more!

This is NOT neolithic, but this woman’s clothing would likely be used in the Neolithic (in this specific photo).

Catalhoyuk woman

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Uncredited piece. Anyone know the artist?

Uncredited piece. Anyone know the artist?

This is close to the loom I am making tomorrow! \o/

Stages of Neolithic grain production by Peter Dunn

This is fine, minus the silly white linen outfits that didn’t exist.

Kehrsiten, a later Neolithic.
They may have had better clothing (as depicted) due to being later in the Neolithic and living in a cold place. Probably wool, though I suspect much more leather would be worn than what is depicted in these scenes. =/


I need to make a grinding stone and make some Neolithic bread. I used one when I lived in Arizona.

No artist credited. Looks like another La Prehistoria piece. Pots give it away as Neolithic.
I use a tiny version of this same technique to cut larger rocks! Those men are on the wrong side, though. Dangerous on that side.

These farmer women are wearing old, used up leather. This would be VERY soft and comfy on a hot day. I have worn such leather and it’s very comfy vs. wool or linen.

Grain holes!

I am commissioning a new set of Neolithic illustrations set in the early LBK neolithic.
I make terrible hand drawn pics of what I want and the artists turns these into beautiful art pieces lol
Accuracy is key, but style had to be imagined and gleaned from the artwork.

These are not the final images, just my own personal rough sketches for the artist.

It’s a Maiden, Mother, Crone set featuring 3 women in stages of life doing their various chores.

People did not quite live as long as they do today and probably aged much quicker, so keep that in mind when you read the ages.

The hunter is a young maiden, perhaps 16 years of age (which is why she has a leather shirt on while the other two do not LOL). She will soon find a husband and start her family, but until then she learns weaving, helps work the fields, cook the food and on a nice warm summer day, she aids in catching small game animals. As you probably know, in a tribal society, women account for a large percentage of small game hunting.

The Weaver is a middle-aged woman, perhaps 25 years age. Her stomach shows the marks of multiple children, and our hands show the ware of a Weaver who skill is fast-growing to expert. I’ll probably add a baby to this scene to emphasize the motherhood part. She is using a warp weighted room and has spinning tools as well. The final illustration have hundreds of strings and look way better.

The Potter, an elderly woman perhaps 50 years of age, they should probably look 80 or 90 years of age by our standards. Her skin is wrinkled and heavily bronze by the sun, but her skill at pottery is unmatched. She is a teacher and a wise keeper of myth and family history, as well as the one who speaks to the goddess.

I spent a lot of time getting these accurate, and I hope to add to the illustrations that exist on the net prehistoric people

I recently commissioned a “slice of life” illustration of the ancient Neolithic proto-city of Çatalhöyük. It flourished from 7000 BCE to 5500BCE.

The clothing, decorations, items and more have all be researched in heavy detail before it was drawn. I believe this may be one of the most up-close and fully fleshed out scenes of Çatalhöyük around.


Wonderfully inspirational thread, thanks.:slight_smile:
Might motivate me to draw some more historical scenes as well.

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