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Need help whit my mod ON STEAM

hello everyone…
some month ago i lost all my file, couse i buy a new pc.
i know the steam file can’t be lost …
but i unistall the game sob
3 week ago i decide to install again the game and see whats new etc etc. i download my languages mod , on steam workshop … and i would like to imprive my old mod but the game send me a error message and he say cannot upgrate my mod … so i think i’ll lost all my work… somebody can tell me how can i fix that … i need upload all new staff and translate for the italian people who download my mod :frowning:


You can’t update a mod downloaded from steam directly.
You first need to copy the mod from the steam download folder to your documents directory ‘Uncasual Games\Ancient Cities\Mod’
Then unsubscribe your mod from steam and restart the game.
Now you would update and upload your mod again.
Let me know if this solve your problem.

nope …
unsubscribe on steam… restart and update but same problem…

Do you use the same steam account used for mod creation in the first time ?

yes the same … if u check my account u can find the mod :frowning:

Your STeamModId in the shows the correct number (The same that you can see in the steam page of mod workshop) ?
You can delete the SteamMoId section in the file and upload the Mod as a New Mod.
But the users need to resucribe it…