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National Geographic - Bronze Age firsts

Here are the articles of (spanish?) National Geographic on the Bronze Age. It kind of applies to AC: the main focus is the first “things”, firts cities, first wars, etc.

Anyone can download it, I uploaded it to my personal dropbox.


Thanks for Sharing :slight_smile:

Although I hope in one year from now they’ll have another title, something like:

Ancient Cities y el Neolítico
Las primeras ciudades, el primer comercio, las primeras guerras

I’m always astounded when reading such titles intended to attract readers. It reminds me a collection of historical articles published from a colloqium of Mesopotamia specialists, where two articles were entitled “Mari, at the Center of the World” and “Karkemiš, at the center of the world”. Instantly it was visible both authors were lying :smile:

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