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Multi-player Option in the future?

I think a Multiplayer option at a later point in the future might go down very well :slight_smile:
We could all play different tribes or join a tribe, and make trade-deals, fight over land, conquer other tribes to expand territory, wife/husband swap (i.e to avoid inbreeding), harvest festivals, games between tribes, i.e what the Incas had for entertainment/measuring power, swap medicinal knowledge, share beliefs and/or religion/sacrifical tradition i.e grain (or a serious law-breaker) :crazy_face: and and and :cupid: there are so many options I cant even think of them all :slight_smile:

Dang this would be so fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This game is a real-time multi-speed game linked with historical year progression so many things should change to be adaptable to a multiplayer environment.


The Sims used to be Single-player only, then they made an online version too in addition to their regular Sims games, as in 2 different games, 1 for online and 1 for single only <3

Maybe further down the line you guys can consider it too :smiley:

We do not discard anything in the future but we are aware that such adaptation will be something to think carefully.


I think multiplayer would be very difficult to achieve given the parameters of the game.
Maybe it could be something to where you can trade between players. If you have a friend who is settled in the mountains and you are settled on the coast, you could trade with each other. Then it would reveal the location of their settlement on the map, but wouldn’t be directly player controlled. I don’t know how it would be achievable beyond that point unless all players were on the same local map.

I’m sure we could adapt some game aspects for a multiplayer mode but at the moment this is not planned.

I would love to interact with other player based tribes, hopefully Ancient Cities game mechanics could support this in the future. For the meantime I am hyped for the single player development … Thank You Uncasual Games :slight_smile: