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More Biomes Europe has been unlocked on Indiegogo

Hi all!

More Biomes for Europe has been unlocked on indiegogo campaign!
This will allow us to introduce more landscape types and more wild animals and plants variety.

Next target is very important for us for many reasons.
As you now we have been working on our artist living room for more than a year now. Moving to a rented office will not just improve our mental sanity, but also will allow us to hire new people if we reach the funds for that too.
Is not that just nice?

Also, our thunderclap campaign has reached the necessary people to launch in about 3 days!!
Again, thanks a lot for your support!


Congratulations, here’s hoping we make that 70k mark soon!


Yeah, I might need to add some additional $ lol

From my own experience I can assure you, later you will say: it was my most productive time.
More staff, less time for your own thoughts.:wink:
But, Congratulations from me too!

I’m sure we’re all very happy to offer what support we can. Onwards and upwards!
Hi-ho silver, and all that jazz :slight_smile:

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You can be right when talking about us personally, but probably not as a full team :wink:

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Yay! More variety! Hope you guys meet the next goal

Hooray for reaching the next step :smiley:

pop those champagne bottles my dudes!

I actually hope you get another €100,000. It might be a little bit unrealistic, however you guys definitely deserve to get as much money as possible to create the amazing game we are all hoping for.


What do you guys think of the newly revealed goals? Have you noticed them?

I would love to see them reached but it would require a sizeable boost in pledges.

What do you mean with that?

Considering we are just above 50k after three weeks getting 50k+ in just one would require a lot more pledges per day. Then again if a portion of the Thunderclap social reach translates into pledges it can happen

True, but note that crowdfunding will continue also after the IG campaign ends.

Nice to see another stretch goal reached! :slight_smile:

True enough, I was only considering the IG campaign. It will take time but we’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:

Well done and congratulations to all involved.

If rest of goals are not met when indiegogo campain is over, will we see them add later when game is finished? Or possible DLCs?

Visionary! I’m actually salivating in anticipation :clap:

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