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Looks like this game has stalled

Does it really matter how many are working on the game? They knew that in the beginning. It only took me a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts and reply to your post. Not much different for the developers to do the same. Please stop giving them excuses. Best Regards.


The issue is not the state of the game, it’s the lack of information from the developers. Stop giving them excuses. Best Regards.

I think otherwise and won’t change that on your command, I’m sorry

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Don’t usually write much in this forum, but I just want to say that I agree. I have full faith in the team developing AC. When they have something finished to show us, they will show us. I know that every second spent taking pictures, writing updates, making movies and trailers is time NOT spent developing the game.


… 29d later…

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(My statement does not directly address your point)
I always took the forums as being a place to help hash out the details of the game and their Twitter account as being their primary source of news. They post development updates all the time on Twitter.

And so it currently is, as the devs rarely show up. But they where fully intending dev-blogs in multi forms; it’s what the VIP part of the forums were for. Ultimately it’s a let down in communication. I am no fan of twitter; in this case it is another excuse to be curt and fast.
I have by no means lost faith and am sure the devs are doing fine.


if all your going to do is BMC, exit stage left and go on with your life

What does BMC mean?

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God Bless You.

Yes, sorry. It has finally arrived.
Believe it no not, when you are so immersed in the work days just fly away inadvertently.

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B*tch, Moan,Complain

Not Bitching about this, i know it’s hard to create such a game, specially having limited funds.
I, just as many other backers of this project want to see a decent final Product. And still… i would love if we would have had a small clue regarding on at least a BETA? Anytime soon? Next month? Next Year? 2048? At least an approximate year Amigos!

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Devs have repeatedly answered this on twitter. Goal is to release Beta at end of 2019. Core game launch in 2020 with stretch goals and expansions following later.

Thanks for your response mate, I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook accounts, so this forum is the only place I get informed about this project. Good to know there’s movement in the right direction. Thanks again

Me neither, but you don’t need an account. Check

Do me a little hard with Twitter & Co too, because otherwise I do not actively use it. But, on this occasion: Is there already a rough date for a beta test? Winter is coming and man has time …:wink:

Don’t forget you can follow the updates here as well :wink:


Cool, thank you.

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Yes very informative and also discord. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: