Knowledge for gameplay improvements

Let me preface this by saying this is a very fun game and I luv the way that it’s come into shape but I have a few ideas that I think would make gameplay mechanics more enjoyable especially for Mesolithic players and for the eventual ice age expansion

  Background info 

There were a few faces of environmental changes but to keep thing short it went like this
Glaciers expanding during the Aurignacian, reaching full length during the LGM during the solutrian and and full on reversal during the Bøling allerød before suddenly reaching the younger dryas when the game starts.
During this time many flora and fauna changes are accompanied such as the extinction of the wooly mammoth during the younger dryas and its decline during the LGM from Western Europe. Along side this cultural changes came aswell such as the invention of the Atlatl by the Magdelanians when the LGM expanded the steppe, and cause massive herds of megafauna such ass horses and reindeer to be ripe for the picking.
With this being said I think the knowledge in the game should occupancy this history(along with floral and fauna changes) in a way the makes since for a video game.

  Knowledge changes for gameplay 

Since the game starts at the end of the last ice, the tail end of the younger dryas I’ll start with my suggestions here. During this time many different cultures came about such as the azilian, epimagdelanian, and federmesser cultures, there cultures had tech changes that should be implemented in the games knowledge system to make gameplay more dynamic and to determine survival.
For example at the start of the game the Atlatl and bow should be in shaded knowledges while the javelin should be craftable and by use of this weapon the tribe should be able to learn these new technologies as their skill increases. Along with that stone points and flint knapping should also be available at start but different techniques should as microblades, Leaf shaped points, should be learned knowledges with the trade off being, how much flint resources are wasted on each technique and how hard and long it take for your tribe members to learn each respective skill which increases or decreased your chances of survival and adds the benefit of different cultural groups developing organically and different groups being more predominant or less so based of how these technologies help them adapt and survive in this changing world.
Lastly different forms of symbolism could be added for religions such as Azilian painted pebbles and epimagdelanian cave paintings(well hide paintings for ease of game mechanics) as this would add to the cultural richness to the game with each cultural providing a positive or negative quality to survival.
The reason I made this post was because some things in the game doesn’t make since such has wooden thrusting spears, it’s a little ridiculous to me for Homo sapiens in Mesolithic to be using homo heidelbergensis levels of technology with the excuse of “gameplay mechanics” being provided as the reason. I understand that the team is small and tbh what they’ve done is amazing so there’s no rush on my end, but it would be nice to see some changes

Photos of different cultures through time :point_down:t5:

Photos of fauna that should be added for each respected time period and environment