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Kings and Dynasties

Will we be in control of a ruler and his dynasty? Or are we just an omniscient god-like entity that dictates everything? Something like the political system in Attila: Total War would be very interesting.

I think we’ll be more like that ‘nagging feeling they forgot to put out the cooking fire when they rushed out the door this morning’. “I just know I’ll come home and my whole hut will be burned down.” :disappointed_relieved:

you saying we’re the devil then eh? lol

I thought, we were finally out of the Tamagotchi era…?:grinning:

This is of course an interesting topic. As far as we know about the game strand so far, however, this should be step 5. Steps 1 (from the Horde / Fellowship to the Community) Step 2 (the first communities with rules and approaches of authority) through step 3 (first political approaches and dominions) and step 4 (early forms of feudalism) we then come to the rulers -Dynastien. Inclusive hereditary titles or elected kings and “noble entourage”.