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It's a joke

We were supposed to get the keys on July 16… It turned out that the keys will get higher ranks. Today is July 27 and I still don’t know anything. Best regards :slight_smile:


yeah your right, your comment is a joke.


They wrote here in the forum that all keys will be shipped until end of july. They communicated very well on twitter. Just be calm. They are shipping hundreds keys oer day

Ps.: I guess you pledged these year. So you are probably in one of the last shipments

Pps.: I pledged in march 18 and i’m waiting too :wink:


You weren’t supposed to get the keys on July 16th, but FROM July 16th in a staggered release pattern that was mentioned by the developers. If you bothered to read any of the announcements made by them for a long time now you would know this. People have been complaining and it has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum, you would know this, again if you bothered to read any of the many posts concerning this topic herein. The developers hope and intend to have all keys to Lord backers and above by August 1st, depending on major bugs not being too numerous.


Look its a bloody piss take with the infomation for this game. The only source is Twitter and my god, Twitter is the last bloomin’ site I want to be on.


I got my key today, be patient, I’m sure yours is about to arrive :slight_smile:

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