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Is there an end goal for funding can we help?

I hope it’s not too forward to ask but what is your end game dream how many eras regions, stretch goals etc is there a level of funding you would eventually like to reach to satisfy this creative dream? And if so how can we help by either supporting father or spreading the good word about the game?


Good question :+1:

Maybe they couldn’t answer in this State of progress.
But I hope if the game get a good feedback they can make some dlc for the future.
Maybe like the game Anno in other timelines.

I’m not as educated on timelines of history or programming, but i’ve played alot of games. This one has high hopes & big dreams, & i’m already spreading the word among my friends. If there’s any help i can provide please let me know as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucky you! My friends only play LoL!

Most of my friends are into RPG & FPS, but i have some that like MMO’s like WOW & city building games. The wall that i usually hit is when i tell them it comes out in a year. The common answer is “reminde me about it when it’s almost out” :pensive:

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I’ve started to contact some friends I have that twitch stream in hopes they can pick up the info of this game and give it some more attention this idea is something I’ve been waiting years for and the scope for expansion is massive no other game of the like comes close to this

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