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Is there a beta testers forum?

I know that I am not allowed to speak about the state of the game or share screenshots openly, but surely People who are beta testers should be able to privately speech with other beta testers, as we all have the information already. I would like to ask people if I am doing things wrong or if there are things I am missing. If there is already a place for beta testers to talk to one another, can you tell me where it is, and if there is not, can one be made?

There is a section in the forum for that named WIP version (Work In Progress version). You should have access to this section if you received your key :wink:

I do not have access to that group.

Let @UncasualGames know and I am sure they will add you if you have your key.
Have you received your key and agreed to the EULA yet?


Contact us on our website and/or log out and log in the forums

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