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Ideas for new items in the game

I’m not quite sure when the item I suggest was used in Western Europe (Mesolithic or Neolithic),
but I would be quite happy to see an atl-atl in the game.

As far as I know, the atl-atl was used to throw javelins (with stone or bone heads) over a larger distance than with just using your own arm.

Personally I think, it may be good for larger ranges, but the longer the distance the less accurate it would be.

Here I have an article from Wikipedia:

(If it isn’t allowed to post links to Wikipedia, just tell me, and I will delete it as soon as possible.)

As long as links are legit and don’t infringe the rules of the forum, they are ok and even very welcome if they’re references! :smiley:
Atl-atl or “propulsors” definitely fit the setting, although I think they were much more used during the Palaeolithic