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Hunter Gather Cultures

I have a some info that might be useful to the devs about the different cultures in western europe from the Paleolithic to the neolithic
These links show the material culture of the gravettian and magdalenian

Here are links to different cultures groups in western europe from the upper Paleolithic to the neolithic , these might be useful in having different cultures spread different tech, it would also be cool to show each culture with different clothing and homes, also during the neolithic to show different phenotypes since the incoming farmers looked different.

Lastly most of these cultures came about due to climatic changes causing their food sources to change, such as the gravettian to magdalenian, the previous culture was more settled and hunted larger game which allowed them to stay in relatively settled villages, but the magdalenian took over the previous area due to megafaunal extinctions causing a more nomadic way of life to become more practical again

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