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How beta will be released?

Hi all!

It seems, as per tweeter updates, the beta for backers could be out for release before summer. I would like to know how it will be communicated to backers and also, how the backers could get the beta.

I remember for Atomic Society, another game I funded, when the beta was ready an email was sent with a download link. May Ancient Cities will do in the same way?


I would like that as well, since i am also a backer.

It is not impossible that an update on here (personal link), or a direct mail to the backers is the go-to?

If you still have the twitter updates, I think it would please other backers if you post the news in here:

I hope this would be via Steam early access since this game was on Green Light:

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The devs have said that the beta key will be sent to the email you provided them, which I believe will be the same email you use for this forum account. Of course, the beta keys will only go to those who have donated the specified amount


Il me semble que cela se passera comme cela . A voir

Once logged into the site click the homepage and it will state your backer level. Lord and above are going to receive keys at some point.

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I would also like to know how and when the backers get their beta.

No one knows how or when as of yet.

If you have the required backer level you will recieve your key likely with the email you provided or on your account page of this website.

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