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Honey: consume before date?

Just a suggestion. Honey should not expire. Basically, honey does not expire (wink, wink). You can keep it forever. Not sure if in ancient times it could expire (processes, etc.) but I think that it should not expire.

¿Porqué la miel no caduca? (

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Yes Yes Yes forever honey! \o/
Well, it WILL go crystallized due to the sugars, but still completely edible :smiley: Nah, there is a reason why honey must decay in the game, imagine using 28 harvesters coming home with 1200 honey a day in hot climates, this in a tribe where other foods are coming in very regularily, the honey would rarely get eaten due to lack of nutritional count and starvation would never be a thing, kinda ruins parts of the challenge in the game :slight_smile:

It would be cool is honey hardened after a couple of years and you had to cook it to get it back into liquid form…

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