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Granted Access, But not in WIP chat

I’ve got access to the game, but I haven’t been added to the WIP forum to talk about it. Can a mod fix this please?

log out and log in should help (in the forum)

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I’ve done that already, but I suppose its worth trying again. Could you post the link in here so I can see if it works?

try this one

They added me after I made this post. Thanks.

I am not on it either. Did you do anything?

I also got the email this morning, but cannot find a steam code (whoops not under forum, I can be an idiot sometimes) and haven’t been added to the WIP chat. Did the same log-out and log-in again. Is there anything else one needs to do?

You should open your account configuration in this website and accept the EULA, then you will get your steam key and grant access to the WIP section of the forums,

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@UncasualGames can you please help me and show where exactly is that EULA to accept? I am looking for it, but i might be blind…

Please contact us using the contact form in the website for support.

Done, thank you very much in advance! That would be silly to not get Key because of that not being accepted - but there is a chance that i have problem with connecting some dots in my head…


Thank you! I was able to download it on Steam.

I’m also not on the WIP chat, though I installed the steam key and played 30 or so minutes of the game tonight.

I was wondering if I can be added.

Please, log out and log in again in the website

I’ve got the same issue. I’ve access to the steam key, downloaded and played the game. But I don’t have access to the WIP forum. I’ve tried relogging but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me?

contact us on our website contact form