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Getting Better

Hi everyone.
I have to say, I played this after a two month hiatus…and I’m so happy I did wait.
Been keep up to date on twitter, and when I saw that hunting would be implemented, I was so happy.
Now my people don’t starve after one winter.
I can’t wait for clothing, other houses, boats, trade & social dynamics. Besides, I love looking at the landscape, so beautiful.
Continue to support, because this game is getting better.
Everyone stay safe and healthy.


Totally agree, the Skeleton that was there on launch finally has some muscle on it and the body of a game is starting to come together

Yeah, I actually feel bad for the devs that they released it on Steam already because the reviews don’t do them justice and are based on what is only a fraction of what the final product will include (we hope!)
Hopefully negative reviewers will update their reviews in future when the game improves/matures into a release candidate

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