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I’m new on here I backed this game and I have to say the game looks awesome but I have some questions. I see on the gameplay video that there are two small areas the tents were set up yards away from each other and also they said your villagers are going to have special skills things they want to do and things they don’t (if I’m not correct let me know) is it possible that we might set up a tent near the river close to the “town” and assign a person that is good/likes fishing to live there so there won’t be long walks? This is just an example just trying to have some fine details on how the people management will play out. Will you guys have a trailer for the game explaining gameplay later on or just an article for the people here to read up on or will we have to wait until beta/release of game? Thanks for your time!


I do believe the first part is true concerning having special skills (or at least the ability to learn certain skills faster than others), but I don’t think that they won’t learn other skills than the ones they are “gifted” in. And I’m not sure the AI will have a preference as to where they settle in relation to what they are good at, although that would be very cool to see. I’m not entirely certain the player can assign individuals to specific houses, either. As far as I know, the player can only select the location and type of building and that’s it.

As far as a new gameplay video, I’m not sure if they’ll put up another video until after beta is released to backers. From how the devs talk about their game development, they are very cautious about “releasing or showing an unfinished game.” I would just suggest patience.

Hopefully something is known soon would be nice to get a trailer or more info but I have to say game looks awesome and can’t wait to play


so say we all

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