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Food - How do?

Hi all!

I have not seen any Topic about food and that’s why I open one.

I have tried anyway that the citizens do not die of hunger (that if gatherers, that if fishermen or both);
I’ve tried cutting back food, decreasing / increasing work shift and nothing … once winter comes or they leave or they die.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to start?

I would like to leave a feedbak but if I don’t even make it to the second year I see it complicated! XD

Thanks in advance


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i am having the same issue. i have not tried to re settle my tribe in a new location. it seems as if im finding all the fish and the majority of the forage-able food in the immediate area and eventually just start losing people. i love the game so far and look forward to the next update ive been on the forums checking constantly :slight_smile: excited haha


Try to build pits and baskets to storage food and do not gather more food than needed because it will rot. Also try to dry some fish.


thanks for the response! i will try to do this, however it seemed that all the people were still “hungry” and just making sure that in the WIP version there aren’t bigger game to hunt yet, correct? just making sure im not missing anything haha

How much food is needed - how much is too much? And how fast does it rot? How much longer does it keep if you store or dry it?
Baskets & pits take so long to build (mostly because the resources take so long to collect), and you can’t take them with you when you migrate, so then you have to do it all over again.
I keep asking this - why can’t they build pits with just plain sticks, and baskets with straw? I’ve heard hunting/gathering was supposed to be easier than farming. So I’m dreading the eventual introduction of agriculture!!

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I have also contacted them about this issue.

I had the same issue. what I do is. set up under (building) I would create storage areas of what I need first. the first few hours I have them gather as much as supplies as possible. then ( once its what I needed is gathered, I create groups. most important is food. I have been fishing mostly. but I am able to get fruit & mushrooms. you have to be careful if you have them gather have them do too much. they will become scattered. I’m on almost to the 3rd year. its been hard having almost 30 people then they die down to 7. Hope this helps. cheers.


For me it seems it is a bit too hard to get by food at the moment. That might be because some food sources are not implemented yet, e.g. wild animals, fruits (berries are in, but pears, apples, prunes, etc. are missing), but also sources of starch like water lily tubers, wild grains, etc. There are lots of things you can eat and they knew exactly what they could eat. There are still some stone age societies today, and they can list you more than 1000 plants without a problem, because that is what they need to know. Sure most of the work went into food gathering, but I don’t think they starved on a regular basis. They actually got 50 to 60 years old and it only changed when they started keeping animals, because then they got sick from diseases that jumped from animal to human.
Another thing that I noticed was that they don’t seem very bright in the game. The village was on the brink of starvation and a gatherer was in a field of mushrooms gathering them, but after 6 he just stopped and walked home. If you are really starving you don’t stop gaterhing mushrooms, just because you feel like.
Anyway, the game looks very good, the basics are there and when they implement and balance everything it can become a very nice game.