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First Person and Citizen Control

I saw in another city builder (Life is Feudal: Forest Village) the ability to have a first person view along with the ability to control the citizen.

I have no idea if it would be possible with your current engine, but the ability would bring a whole new aspect to game play.


That would be a lot of fun, for sure!!!
Even just the ability to have the game camera follow a select person, showing what they see, would be neat!

First person is not planned.
While possible to do, we don’t see many people using the first person camera in Forest Village videos, just to try the feature and shot a few arrows. We prefer to use that development time for other things that add more to the gameplay in the context of a city builder.

The game already allows to focus the camera in a citizen to follow him.


How far will we be able to zoom the camera in?

I agree that a first person mode is not necessary. While neat, I’ve only played a couple of minutes using the first person mode in Forest Village in the dozen hours I’ve logged so far, and I’ve no desire to use it again. A neat gimmick, nothing more.

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And where it is used, to be fair, it’s also merely done because a certain profession in that game does a poor job. Namely hunters. And those in control of “protecting” livestock for that matter.

There’s really no other reason to jump into first person than annihilate the local wildlife eating your livestock or actually providing people with food. If those things would work well, I highly doubt anybody would use the first person mode more than once.

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Mhh, this is a matter of taste and depends on how much content a game offers and how the player wants to play. Both options could be attractive, since hunting, fighting, trade etc. Also a personification of the player in a later stage e.g. As a leader of a group or establishing a dynasty might help. Think about the combination that makes sense.
Could imagine that this is more attractive for younger players