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I know that it will go to steam but are you guys thinking about going to the Epic Games Store as well? With them asking only 12% while you have to give 30-35% to steam.

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Do you think the additional paperwork is worth the hassle? The Epic Store is not all that popular and does not offer much other than a bigger cut to developpers per unit sold.
(My opinion is completely biaised by this article I read:

I seize the occasion to point out that the DRM-free platform goal was reached during the crowdfunding campaign, and that I am very happy about the fact that a DRM-free version of the game will eventually be available.

I got no clue how much work it is since I am only a buyer. I was mearly currious.

Platforms are popping like flowers in spring. Lets see how all this moves forward before making a decision.

You can sell steam keys outside Steam with that cut to being 0% ( if you sold them in Steam at the same time and at the same prize o less ). Steam cuts 30% because the awesome user base they have in their platform, not for the key itself.


Hello Everyone,
in the light of recent events, mainly Epic Exclusivity, I would just like to ask about general opinion and if you would feel discouraged or disappointed by the Devs if they, for some reason, announced Epic Exclusivity.

For me personally, I don´t really care, but I think it´s important to have a discussion if only to let the Devs know how we feel and if posible for Devs to tell us what they think about this.

I have no opinion yet. But the question I think is justified …

I wouldn’t really mind… Ancient Cities is still Ancient Cities, I’d buy it from anywhere, even if it meant going down to the studio and getting it in thousands of floppy discs :stuck_out_tongue:

This being said, I’m quite guarded towards the EGS, and I don’t like exclusivity in general for that matter!


I prefer absolutely Steam instead of Epic Games, which is only giving problems since they appeared. They are paying a lot of money for new games which them would be in steam and cheating to supportes of these games who thought that they would have their games on Steam (and they don’t have the hughest players list in the world that steam has). There are in Epic games only players from fortnite (rat kids) and is not like steam


Totally agree. I would prefer Steam. Most of my games are from Steam and I have not had any problema with them.

In the beginning I like Epic but since the exclusivity crap is going on I dropped it. I prefer steam, sure its not perfect but atleast it doesn’t try to keep games hostage it didn’t do anything for to earn the right to have the exclusivity.


I honestly don’t care at all. Downloading Epic is just another 300mb on the hard drive, it’s not like I’m paying 300 dollars for another system. Sure I want them to have better features and more security, but the exclusivity itself honestly doesn’t bother me in the slightest and I think people that complain about it are being childish.

Maybe a little offtopic but:

Will we (backers) be able to choose between GOG or Steam to install the game?


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Steam and GOG are different platforms: if you buy the game on Steam, you will install it and launch it through Steam, and inversely if bough on GOG (you could even buy it on both platforms).
Keep in mind the launch on GOG will occur some months after the Steam launch.

This. So Steam for backers. Thanks

If this goes on Epic, I wouldn’t buy it. Their exclusivity deals are killing the indy game community.

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Anything that goes to cancer EpicStore is dead to me. If devs force us to use Epic for me it would be big middle finger…

I know they charge less % per sold copy, I know they throw money at devs, but where is end user here?
The only thing end user gets is less choice. And let’s be honest Epic doesn’t care about gamers, they just want us to use their store by force not by having more of their own games, better deals, better client…

@devs please.