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Early Access release

Has been many months of hard work from the start of this project. First the prototype development, then Greenlight and the crowdfunding campaigns. After that, hundreds of hard working days crossing the desert of the core game engine, interface system and the optimized renderer. In the past summer we released to you the closed version and after that working on bugs, interface and gameplay.

And from the roots to the first leaves of this project your support and your feedback. One more time, we want to thank you for making this game possible.

Next public release will be crucial and once again you have the key for the success of this project. We invite you to support the game on Steam by following , wishlisting , reviewing, modding and participating in the forums to help Ancient Cities project to grow.

We will love to continue working hard every day, discussing your feedback, solving the bugs, providing support, designing new features and developing the historical city builder we all dream of.

We are grateful and proud of this community.
Thank you all.

Uncasual Games team.


so glad you’ve made it to the next step! I know youre working very hard just curious if you had a rough idea on the next WIP version for the original backers? If i remember correctly i believe i read that at some point the original backers would eventually get an updated wip version as compared to the steam early access, sorry if i misunderstood! i wont hold you to anything! haha, just excited for the progress of this beautiful game! thanks for all your hard work! i know the dev process is very intensive! keep it up! :smiley:

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Early access version will be the new work in progress version accessible to everyone. Backers with beta access reward will grant access to a “Backers” branch in Steam.

When do we get our Steam keys then as regular baggers? I have heard nothing about that, and the games releases in little more than 24 hours :slight_smile:

We announced it several weeks ago! Don’t worry…contact us in the website and we will solve your issue.

so its an update from what we already have? or bringing in more people to what we have? no worries either way, just excited :smiley:

It is a new update with minor features & fixes . We will add new features after public release.

I’ve also seen some streams, is the NDA now lifted?

NDA it’s lifted for public release

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