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Does new twitter update hint to costal ecosystem?

Will shellfish, seaweeds, and costal fowl be in a costal ecosystem that was revealed on Twitter?

And expanding on this, will clothing / buildings and building material reflect the area settled?


It very much looks that way (I am very much hopeful!) They need how to make coastal inlets as direct use of the ocean would be impractical with most Neolithic boats.

Although keep in mind that most Neolithic tribes would have been situated near lakes, rivers and streams. In that time period, they would be filled with shellfish and other fish, attract animals and have fresh water. The ocean has plenty of food but it’s harder to access and the water cannot be consumed. It also does not attract animals, for the most part.

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The inclusion of the global world where the player tribe can move and settle -with restrictions- means that settle near the coast is possible, so we needed to generate actual sea in the city local maps. That’s what is shown in the screenshot. Of course to have proper biomes and AI logic for all land configurations would be nice, and we are working in technical ways to do so, but we are currently so behind schedule that how many and how detailed they will be at release time is something we still don’t know. Of course if the game works and we can continue development we will expand the system in mechanics and content. Hopefully modders will be able to generate or enrich biomes too.

We will expand on this in the next update, that we are holding more than planned until we solve some stuff we want to talk about.


I like your comment about the modders. Allowing modding takes a lot of work off of the developer.

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Great comment - also think that it should not be over complicating the base platform. Once that’s finished and working as planned, moving it to a beta/release can build a community around it and lead to mods and some positive cash flow for you guys of course :slightly_smiling_face: large improvements can come later to the platform. You have a lot of buzz out there right now just for the product vision of 2017 :+1: