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Development Roadmap

We’re now getting more regular updates on twitter, which is absolutely awesome. (insert everything is awesome theme)

However, there is still some unrest. It might be a good idea to show your development roadmap. That way it’d be easy to see what is going on right now, what still needs to happen before the (backer) release and what is already done. Some things take more time than others so then we wouldn’t need a release date but would get a rough idea of progress.


Right, that’s a good idea, I think. Not a timeline (so no dates involved), but a roadmap - that is, a list of steps/features you plan to implement on the way to release. As detailed or not detailed as it suits you, as long as there’s something to see :slight_smile:


Maybe the team is using trello to pursue dev objectives, that could also be roadmap.
But as far as I understand, they do not want to share that much of dev in fear of being copied by other game studios.

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Sounds reasonable. However I do feel like some kind of ‘progress bar’ would be very welcome. Maybe something along the lines of major milestones they are working on with bundled objectives being one milestone.