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Work on Roadmap Will Continue, Another Small Update Soon, Players Antcy for Progress

Work on the roadmap will continue Monday, according to the developers on Discord.

• They’ve been working over the weekend on the roadmap that will eventually appear on

• Image from AncientCities Discord server, showing development of roadmap page.

There are also plans to review the latest bug fixes and get a new small update pushed out soon.

• Players are hoping that some issues reguarding tribe fertility and gathering are solved, to list a couple.

One Discord user asked if animals would appear in the game in the following week.

• The developers gave a no, citing the fact that a single model of an animal could take days to produce. The code is also important and can take quite a while to create.

• They also mentioned that there will be no deadlines. The roadmap will give information regarding the contents of each major feature, as well as the order in which they will be developed.


Roadmap Released, Small Update News, Animals to Make an Appearance

The developers have released their long anticipated roadmap at

• Each item on the list will be developed in order, one at a time.

• Since the list is a work-in-progress, things could potentially be added or modified.

The small update has hit a slight delay.

• A bug has been discovered while finalizing the update.

• The developers gave assurance that it will be a very short delay. They will attempt to push the update again tomorrow.

Today the developers said they “will try to have some animal moving over the map by the end of the month”, but this depends on the amount of bugs that appear in the next few weeks

• Currently, only players with the “Beta Access Reward” will see animals appear in their game.

• Groups of animals will live and die, hides and bones will be extractable from the carcasses.

• Production buildings related to animals will also be incorporated.

• Predators and hunting will be addressed at a later time.

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Mini Op-Ed

To me, this quote shows that the developers are very passionate about their work.

Latley, they have been rampimg up their communication efforts with the community.

• It will take time to dispell the negative feelings caused by the game’s release delay and previous lack of communication.

• The game will become more and more valuable as the community is listened to and treated well.

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• The game will become more and more valuable as the community is listened to and treated well.

And the quality of the community discussion and suggestion will be essential to this. Keep the ideas flowing!