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Choice of Difficulty + Option of Map Creation?

Would adding different difficulties with map options be an idea in the future ?

If I am a young child of 8, wanting to play the stone age, yet having very very little insight into the depths of mechanics, I would love to have a really easy setting to play :slight_smile:
I would need the option to create a forgiving map that has all I need of the food and materials.

If I am a hardcore gamer I need challenges, so doing a Titan difficulty demanding complete micro-management and insight into all mechanics of the game is a neccessity.

In between these 2 difficulties there can be i.e Easy, Normal, and Hard.
We get the option to customise the area we wish to camp only upto Normal, as any option making the game easier detracts from the point of harder difficulties.
The Option to create map could be randomised and previewed before makign a decision.
I would at some point down the line really enjoy a Titan mode :sparkling_heart:

This could open the game up to all ages including the really young ones who also can learn about our prehistoric life from it :slight_smile: