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~ Categorised, Numbered, and Collapseable Members List ~

I have 105 members in my oldest Clan The IcePeople, and in order to see them or get some overview over how many they are I have to scroll up and down which is not so bad, however, :flushed:
the amount of women that are having a child, who is about to turn into old or adult, etc, must be done painstakingly by counting and going over one by one pending on what you are trying to figure out.
I have to scroll up and down to see my people or my resources after roughly row 9 as you lose view over both. :smiley:

Would it be an idea to implement a collapseable view of the Tribe Members? :slight_smile:


All members: With the amount of people in the tribe
All members in a collapseable curtain/drop down menu

Under this heading:

Females: All females + amount, subcategorised with i.e. “Children”, “Adult”, “Elder”, perhaps also with “Pregnant” and “Mother carrying Toddler”.

Males: All males + amount, same as Females except latter 2.