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Cant Log in on the website

whenever i click the “login” button on any other part of the website (Game, Media, Crowdfunding, ect) i get a 404 error. is there any way to fix this? i just got my beta access key and cant assess it since i cant log in :frowning:

Aren’t you already logged in though? How else are you posting on the forum? :sweat_smile:
EDIT: Can you not just go to your profile through the forum?

idk is there a difference between the forum account and the account on the rest of the website? when i click on the “game” or “media” tabs the login button appears in the corner. if they are the same account how do i access the steam key through the forum account?

Have you tried with another browser? (when I am logged in the forum and I click “Login” in the website, it doesn’t even ask me my credentials)

ok the login button seems to work in edge. but I still dont understand how to accept the EULA and such

Click the cog :gear: next to your username, scroll down and you’ll see the button to accept the EULA and redeem your key :slight_smile:

the only place I see a cog is the preferences tab. and it doesn’t have a button to accept any EULA

The cog gives you access to your backer settings, where the EULA and the key are… :thinking:
Did you use different email accounts for payment and the forum login?
If you really can’t find it, please contact the devs.

figured it out. it was just the stupid layout of the website. turns out the cog next to your username doesn’t show up in the forum tab for some reason. thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Hi, i clicked on the cogwheel and have only the Backer Settings side were i can see my currend pledge ( Lord)… there is no more on this side. How do i get a Key now?

There is no EULA and no key.