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After a long period of messing around, I’m back with a reference book from my friend. The book is called “The Ancient City - New Perspectives on Urbanism in the Old and New World” Edited by Joyce Marcus and Jeremy A. Sabloff.

While the book is academic, it will provide a wealth of information on various topics and hopefully will give you some ideas for game mechanics in this game and other moving forward.


I’m waiting for @lotus253 to put his books in here…

Nope lol

I won’t use their game as an advertisement. The pictures push it, but I can’t help but post them as they are directly relevant. I just remove the branding parts before I do. Also, my books are fiction (well researched or not) and not academic.

I was originally drawn in to this game when I saw a picture of a Neolithic settlement and it looked EXACTLY like a village from my second book, just as I had imagined it!

From that moment, I knew I needed this game!

I am currently reading a book titled “The Beginnings of Everything”.

Highly recommended, very academic, very good questions. Many things begin before the Neolithic period, but they are important in their development. Regarding the game, there are some questions: What knowledge do we start? Which mentality do we want and can play - mostly also depending on the climatic zone of the starting point. How does a thousand-year-long game feel like? It is probably only a few hundred years that something really great happens. Can Neolithic without a Bronze Age be useful at all? (Game goal) Can we live today with the ideas of religion of the time at that time?
Probably much will have to be “optional” in order to maintain accessibility for average players.

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I watched a youtube video that some people might find interest,, called Primitive Technology: Stone Axe.

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