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First off, hi guys.
I haven’t been computer active lately and might have missed stuff.
But I am playing the game for the first time in weeks. I love that we have boars now, but I don’t love them when they eat my food. I left some on the ground by accident.
is there anyway to hunt them or are we not at that point yet?

Stay safe and be healthy guys!

No hunting yet but you can build closed storages to prevent your food to be eaten.

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After 2 years, I cannot see any boar in the map. Not sure if this is an issue, or just they have migrated or been extinguished in the zone. Is this the normal behaviour? Game attached in case you need to check it. (39.8 MB)

There was a issue with reproduction when low numbers of animals. It is solved in the next update.

Is there a chance they can spawn at the edge of the map as if they walked into the area? Might be helpful as a way to manage populations

Yes that could be a thing.