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I am unable to launch the game. I used the steam key I was given and downloaded the game and when I try launching the game I get a popup saying “Reporting issue to Uncasual Games - Do you want to send a report to us?”

I bet you could help a little bit more if you specified the machine you’re running it on:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Graphic card
  • Driver’s version

As much info as you can so that the developers can either give you an answer, or investigate more.


My PC specs are below thank you.

NVIDIA GTX 1080 version

Intel i7-8700K


ASUS PRIME Z370-A motherboard

You need to configure your nvidia driver to use your nvidia card as default for opengl.

Oh man, how do I do that?

Nvidia control panel -> Manage 3d settings-> Opengl rendering GPU. And first of all update your graphis drivers please.

I currently have the most up to date drivers. I am in NVIDIA control panel and only have options for “Global Settings” and “Program Settings”. I do not see anything regarding Opengl. Is it a software I have to download from NVIDIA or does it come pre-installed with the gpu?

Try to search these options in global setting

Update: I found it and changed it to my GPU and am still having the issue. Should I try reinstalling or restarting my computer?

The game sends a report when the game crashes there we can check the problem , maybe you can write your email when required to do so we can contact you.

Unfortunately I am not getting an option to write my email. A white box appears when I launch the click the desktop icon and on the top it says “Reporting issue to Uncasual Games” under that it says “Do you want to send a report to us” and two clickable boxes “OK” and “Cancel”. When I hit either it closes the box with no further prompts.

Update: Restarted computer and fresh install and still no luck.

Anyway i will compare your hardware configuration with reported configuration. I will be back when we have some clue about the problem. Thanks for your support


my email is [email protected]

No report has arrived with your configuration, please don’t close the game until it notifies the report is sent. If the problem persist, please wait for the next game version.