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Been Wanting to Ask

Hi Guys,

A question keeps popping up in my head. Again I know this is early development stage. But are the straw huts going to have door flaps? Because even though most Neolithic houses didn’t have door flaps, I know that hunter gatherers (especially in the ice age) did to keep cold out. And maybe to have privacy? That’s my random top for today haha.


I hope you can still sleep (with door). :smile:
Think, they will have put / pushed / hanged even before the entrance door, already because of wild animals in the night. A house means the difference between wilderness and civilization. But it would be imperfect if it were not closed …

Just consider what you would have done. I’m sure, our ancestors did it also. :wink:

Yet AI still don’t know how to use it huts have this since day one:


very nice Graphic!

Ohh ok, didn’t see that before. =)