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Barcelona tragedy

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I’d just like to echo the heartfelt outpouring of support for everyone in Barcelona on this woeful day. I deeply hope for the well-being of the developers and their families and friends. Please know that you are not alone during these times of senseless tragedy.


Thanks for your support for Barcelona.
We and our families are well but sadly not everyone in the city can tell the same history.
As we stated somewhere before, this kind of things should not happen anywhere.


And now it’s bloody worse with the separatist movements.

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Let us hope that it does not have to happen. Unfortunately, political or social changes are often painful. It becomes dangerous when the state power is going against their own population by force. I am thinking of the visit of the Shah of Persia in Germany. The beginning of the RAF and the 1968 movement. 10 years of violence, murder and innocent victims.
Ultimately, it is about money and redistribution. The problem will occur more often in the EU …
Dev’s, please take care of yourself and your families :peace: