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Animal Variety and Predators

Im really enjoying this game and id like to add some feedback to make the environment more enriching.

  1. we need predators, we have wild dogs in the game but they don’t even hunt for food, i understand that wild dogs are more omnivorous and can eat berries but they’re still dogs, they should form packs and go on hunts, this would add more competition for food making the game a bit more challenging and fun. Ill also add that these dogs should have some type of interaction with ppl if were to domesticate and maybe even attack XD.

  2. During the ice age start we should have herd animals, Horses are animals that thrive on grasses and evolved to live in open areas such as, grasslands, steppes, prairie, and savanna with this being said, there should be way more doggerland since its nothing but open space and grass on top of that horses are hardy animals that thrived during the ice age, it was only during the holocene when forest started replacing grassland that their numbers declined. So i would suggest that during the ice age add way more horses to the map since its mostly steppe, and then during the mesolithic have them be a bit more rare in the forested areas of the map.

  3. Heres a list of animals that should be added when the ice age expansion comes out so its not a priority but it will be useful for when the time comes.
    Wooly mammoth (mammuthus primigenius). Two species of straight tusked elephant (paleoloxodon antiquus). Wooly rhino (coelodonta antiquitatis). Irish elk (megaloceros giganteus). Steppe bison (bison priscus). Cave bear (ursus spelaeus). Cave lion (panthers spelaea). Cave hyena (crocuta crocuta spalea). European jaguar (panthera gombaszoegensis). European leopard (panthera pardus spalea). Lastly the scimitar cat (homotherium).

  4. Heres a list of animals that should be added to the current game and that existed during the ice age, but lived in refugium areas of the map. They’re ranges should change based on if u start at the end of the last ice age or not. horse, elk, and reindeer for example should be more abundant during the start of the game.
    European wild ass, Moose, Elk, Reindeer, Roe deer, Wisent, Musk ox, Brown bear, Polar bear, and Wolf.

Lastly some of the predators i mention should attack humans such as the hyena.

I’m enjoying the game so far, and I’ve been following the project since 2018 its really grown into something great, these are just suggestions that i think would make the game better than it already is.


I love that you have taken time to research the time period. I also agree with adding diversity to the wildlife within the game and hope that game dynamics allow for them to interact with the environment and each other as well as the tribe. (Megaloceros is my favourite btw, even have a tattoo of it in Gaelic mural across my chest)
I would love to see other flora and fauna, however, I’m unsure if my desire for the likes of the Dire Wolf, Mastodon, Glyptodon, Toxodon, Sivatherium, Megatherium, Paraceratherium and Deinotherium.

I understand all of these animals did not exist in the same biomes or even the same continents, but I could easily let that slide for a glimpse of one roaming the wilderness. (If the development team could implement actual geological species, now that would be ground breaking in itself)

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Who you calling a wild ass ? :astonished: ¬.¬

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