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Ancient Cities v0.2.9.1 Knowledges

v0.2.9.1 Knowledges & requirements



  • Historical knowledges and requirements.
  • Cultural hair styles and clothes.
  • New building : Neolithic round house.
  • New building : Mesolithic menhir.
  • New fences : small & wattle fences.
  • New animal : Wild dog.
  • New river : Tajo and tributaries.
  • New plant : Allium.
  • New resources : Roots and Mud.
  • Steam cloud saved games.
  • Neolithic city visuals.
  • Landmarks in the regional map.
  • Food preferences for humans.
  • Steam achievements.



  • Knowledge learning and forgetting tweaks.


  • Visual issues in tool piles and loads.
  • Grass growing improved.
  • Switching audio device while playing.
  • Stuck notifications after loading a game.
  • Bow hunting & chopping effect.
  • Visual issues with hair and hats.
  • Texture problems when close of some animals and buildings.
  • Problem reports in gathering groups when pausing.
  • Group of migrants can’t reach the tribe in some local maps.
  • Empty migrant groups after Neolithic period.
  • Resources missing when arriving to a new settlement location.
  • Crash when double-clicking the disband button in an area.
  • Biface craft specific animation seated in rocks.


  • Rivers are not carved correctly in some locations.
  • Saved games could become obsolete after an update.
  • Temporary performance hiccups are expected when changing graphics settings.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


Next we will implement neolithic agriculture and will improve environmental visuals.


If you want to support Ancient Cities development, please write a review on the Steam store page.


paid for early access like 4 or 5 years ago. Why do I have to buy the game now? Where is my key that I was promised?

Check your spam folder for our invitation email or contact us in

Is it a known issue that when the tribes members get pregnant their offspring does not show up?

Show up after birth in the mother model and when 2 years old as a new individual

Set up on the coast at the earliest possible time, I appear to be stuck due to sea level rise after three in game years lol

I have no migration locations available (unfortunately sea level rise is not reflected in my ancient city location so I hadn’t noticed)

Proper feedback on this patch -

Maybe it’s the era I started at (earliest possible as I mentioned) but it’s taking forever to learn new knowledge. All any migrant knows hunting fishing and weaving after three in game years. Can’t build the small straw hut, can’t make any tools other than simple hunting stick and biface, can’t build storage etc.

I know that’s probably more accurate than getting stuff early, but it’s not “fun”. It’s not that it’s even hard, it’s just where the sense of progression?

With regards to my issue above, I don’t think you have an easy fix as you don’t have a Water system to simulate flooding. Perhaps just a text warning saying if you don’t migrate in xMonths you will Die and just cut to game over and some art of a flooded community if you don’t lol


These things will be fixed in the new update

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