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Ancient Cities v0.2.5.1 Mesolithic Buildings : Dismantle

v0.2.5.1 Mesolithic buildings : Dismantle



  • Building dismantle.
  • Wooden benches.
  • Inaccessibility mark for buildings.
  • Beet plant and beetroot resource.
  • New vegetation distribution system based on temperature and humidity.
  • New tree species : Larch tree.
  • New rivers : Ems, Weser, Gudena, Skjern, Llobregat, Ouse.
  • New resource summary draggable window.
  • Crafting and gathering production limit.
  • Character behavior reporting improved.
  • Clothing color variations.
  • Current building resources listed in the tooltip.
  • Camera navigation also uses cursor keys.



  • Dismantle issues.
  • Some building location too near the water.


  • Strip and crop should be done faster when using tools.
  • Improved auto chopping & Cropping tasks to avoid not desired targets.
  • Improved use of storage services when high demand.
  • Fixed river displaying on global map.
  • Loop behavior when picking very few resources.
  • Canceling some behaviors causes frozen characters.
  • Storage empty not working when deselecting resource.
  • Automatic crop avoids non adult plants.
  • Crafting orders fixed and improved.
  • Sit services around some huts are clipping with objects.
  • Honey load on humans not showing correctly.
  • Fishers unloading resources too early.
  • Hunting problems with animals by the map borders.
  • Fixed resource vanishing when going to sleep.
  • Out of range tasks not discarded but cost x2.
  • Loop Pick&Drop when repairing storage buildings.
  • Doubled stone axe durability and stone fine heaps density.
  • Frozen individuals waiting in front of pits.
  • Speak effect gain for adult males was too low.
  • Paused button in groups is working again.
  • Resource selection panel glitch when using < > Back & Front buttons.


  • Rivers are not carved correctly in some locations.
  • Saved games could become obsolete after an update.
  • Temporary performance hiccups are expected when changing graphics settings.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


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Maybe an error? The woman was pregnat before get old. Now the statistics shows her as pregnat, but she does not look like.

Another one? The stones are not removed when building a hut

Stones cant be removed currently

Probably a bug