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Ancient Cities v0.2.4.6 Mesolithic Jobs Halloween hotfix

We have decided to release an update that fixes and improves the current game-play and interface.

We have also implemented a new task system which is an important step towards the gameplay we want for the final game.

A new system for visual variations has also been created and we have included some subtle examples in some of the current buildings (more to come).

We have also added a new storage building and many other small fixes and improvements.

Please post your feedback and suggestions on the Steam forums.

Happy Halloween for every one!

v0.2.4.6 Mesolithic jobs Halloween hotfix



  • Auto production button removed. Use work groups to produce resources.
  • Storehouse building.
  • Visual alternative decorations for some buildings.
  • Focus on camp function implemented.
  • UI design and performance improvements.
  • Genetic traits improved.

.0 .1 .2 .3 .4 .5

  • Manual tasks added in groups. Manual clear in communal tasks.
  • Elevation layers improved and optimized. HD basemap by default.
  • Selection forms and tooltips for species, resources and buildings.
  • K key to cycle through the new interface display modes.
  • Faction summary reworked.
  • Equipped tool display and some UI improvements.
  • Migrant animals coming to your location.
  • Spreading plants seeds when cropped.
  • Communal tasks increased priority at the end of the day.
  • New children’s playing animations.



  • Crash related with selection tab when disabling items.
  • Frozen tribesmen and animals.
  • Mode selector for lasso tool is hidden.
  • Dead baby notification.
  • State alerts fixed and improved.

.0 .1 .2 .3 .4 .5

  • Big performance drop when many animals are present in the map.
  • Resource listing now supports 4 digits.
  • Resource selection in processing buildings ( dryer and tanner ).
  • Crash after pressing F key to focus on an entity.
  • Some language mod become disabled when subscribing to other mods.
  • Hunting, gathering and migration issues.
  • Several gameplay and feedback fixes related with work policies.
  • Building related bug when no resources available…
  • Resource load and unload loop in a rare situation.


  • Rivers are not carved correctly in some locations.
  • Saved games could become obsolete after an update.
  • Temporary performance hiccups are expected when changing graphics settings.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


We are developing the ‘Disbanding of buildings for resource recovery’ item for the ‘Buildings’ feature in


If you want to support Ancient Cities development, please write a review on the Steam store page.


My baby! :broken_heart:


oh! RIP

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Are there any plans to set Spanish language again? Only English, French and Deutsche languages are available

It is included maybe parts are not available in Spanish

I mean that I cannot select Spanish language in the game options, just French, English and Deutsche

Try to erase Documents/Uncasual Games directory

Thanks. It worked. Still some names not in Spanish, but now I can select Spanish language

Yeah, localization is also wip