Ancient Cities v0.2.11.1 Prayers & Burials Hotfix

v0.2.11.1 Prayers and burials Hotfix



  • New House : Neolithic Longhouse.
  • New clothes : Neolithic shirts.
  • Migration failure message when imposible to travel.


  • Included tombs and burials.
  • Included temples and megalithic structures.
  • New clothes : Plant fiber coating and Mesolithic jacket.
  • Distinct Mesolithic and Neolithic names for humans.
  • Increased the rate of generational change for humans.
  • Increased the upper limit of resource production orders.



  • AMD driver issues fixed, please install latest version 22.11.1 or newer.
  • Buildings Knowledge & Culture requirements fixed and tweaked.
  • Animation blending not working in some situations.
  • Building placement over other single cell buildings is not allowed.
  • Faction culture calculated with adults only.
  • Move: jams when following behind slower humans on the same path.
  • Issues while placing fences over seating services.
  • Dead Leaders being selected and causing crashes.
  • Fixes on agriculture knowledge timeline.


  • People waiting for a long time to eat and sleep.
  • Vegetal fiber available at lower temperatures.
  • Fishing tasks priorities lowered when almost depleted spots.
  • Meal time increased for better food distribution.
  • Migration freezes when there are too many resources.
  • Tread ground texture updating improved.
  • Crop tasks were generated for non-accessible plants.
  • Crash when selecting to build a new building in some situations.
  • Tweaked building knowledge occurence and learning pace.
  • Picking seeds for planting from locked storage buildings.
  • Innacesible buildings in some placements.
  • Showing wrong clothes related to temperature.
  • Hazelnut will not be auto chopped anymore.
  • Tweaked temples and menhirs constructions and parameters.
  • Fixes on wheat and flax crop resources.
  • Missing cells when placing storage areas.
  • Areas not showing on the map while placing other buildings.


  • Saved games could become obsolete after a game update.


  • Please send us a report if the game crashes and write down report number.
  • Please use the Steam ‘Players’ forum to post your feedback, bugs & issues.
  • Please mod creators: Update & upload your mods when required.


-Next we will include husbandry!


-If you want to support Ancient Cities development, please write a review on the Steam store page.


Hi @UncasualGames,

Hope I’m replying to your last update. I’m a backer, playing early access and I’ve found a bug I never had before. The action of cleaning an area by cutting straw suddenly stopped working.
I can still see and draw the shape I want on the ground, but then the white cutting icon does not appear.

No other issues so far.

Thanks and hope to read some feedback from you, not like in last August where I spent a hour wirting you feedbacks/improvements and I got no reactions …

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Please CTRL+R to send a report. Thanks for your feedback!

Report 5517, “error sending datasave to report…”. Seems not working.

Anyways after loading my save today, the problem disappeared.

Will check if it appears again.

Hi @UncasualGames

New post (report 5518, still an error doing Ctrl + R) for a game mechanic issue I have. Still playing the same save and I have migrated to try a different place and start from scratch.

I only have a fireplace completed and now I’m trying to build a big straw tent.
I’ve harvested more than 500 straws in a few in-game days (only 200 needed), the visual animation of the straw around the tent was visible at the bottom the first days.
But after all this work, the progress hasn’t moved from around 45/200, and even worse, the straw finally disappeared around the tent !! Also, my inventory has never shown any straw in stock during this process.

Question then : Is there any relation between the type of soil and the quantity of straw we can harvest when we pick up “1 straw” ? Or whatever the map and the ground, 1 straw = 1 straw ?

All the 500+ straw I harvested are just gone I don’t know where, the building is not in progress and yet the only resource missing in the building info is the straw …

I saw no one putting the straw directly in the fire so … Who ate it ?! Really weird & annoying situation.

FYI I haven’t used any storage after the migration yet.

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You seem cursed :slight_smile:

First things first:

The Clear Tool stopping working can be remedied by a restart of game.
Devs are aware of this bug.

The groups, resources, and your knowledge information can be found by opening the detachable windows found in the middle of the screen, at the very bottom.

There is no relation between soil and straw in any form, the only thing that matters is Geography;
elevation and temperature. You will get straw from Tall grass, Threshed Wheat, and Moss.
The amount of grass cut and straw received is 1:<1-ish, we do not have decimal count so it is very difficulty to measure precisely, but you can stalk a gatherer and see if straw is <1 or 1 after they cut the first batch, then pay attention to next, if it is 1 then you know the straw is at minumum 1:0.5, and at max 1:0.9

It sounds like you are doing smt very wrong, you are several days into the game but only have 1 fireplace, and your straw disappeared?
Straw is not edible for humans so nobody ate it, nor did anyone use it for fire as that is not implemented either, promise :smiley:

If you would like, I can watch your stream and then figure out what is wrong since you cannot make a report that can be used for this purpose.

Let me know if you wish to do this, we can use Discord np :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Just to be sure, are you part of the Dev team ?

I opened my save today and play 5min to understand precisely what’s going on.
I’ve been playing this game for almost 50h and I’ve used the same technique always to collect straw : Using the “clear area” button.

This is the 1st time for me this is not working like I want in the region I just settled (Bassin d’Arcachon, France) : when i clean an area, they dont gather straw, they gather reed … Yet in very poor quantities (like 10% efficiency) and I’m not gathering close to the water (only rocks and sand).

We have some problems here for me that need to be fixed :

  • The visual is not correct (reeds should not look like green grass)

  • Since I started playing this game and following the Alpha updates, I’ve never understood/read that we could gather anything other than straw with the “clear area” button. So today in 2023, what is the right answer ?

  • When i see 1 white tool icon on the grass, I’m expecting to gather 1 resource, but this is clearly not the case and I just discovered that after all that time.
    I’m not sure a new player would understand this game mechanic either, unless you explain it somewhere.

To solve my problem, i created a group and asked them to gather straws by themselves. And they gathered the exact same type of grass than 5min before, but now its called straw and not reed :sweat_smile: … A bit annoying !

Hope you can do something for the players so we don’t give up because it’s not working like it should :+1:

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There is so much to learn about this game and unfortunately I do not have the time to explain everything to you right now, BUT what I can recommend is that you take the time to follow the Tutorial in-game, and perhaps go watch some of my “Patch Explained” videos for some more insight into all the changes that has been made.

Patch Explained Playlist:

I also recommend you watch Play-Throughs on YouTube that several people are doing, look for Beginners Play-throughs/Play-Alongs as they explain and show more of the mechanics :slight_smile:
This is mine if you feel like spending hours watching :rofl:

Play-Along for Beginners on Slow Speed:

Keep in mind tho, the game is changing all the time, so some information will be outdated slightly or completely.

  • Avoid using Clear Tool Task unless you know 100% what you are doing :slight_smile:
    Make work groups and task them with what you wish them to collect instead.
    Clear Tool Task can be used to clear everything organic that is not player placed.
    Not recommended to use for any type of gathering :slight_smile:

  • Reed is also a type of Grass :slight_smile:
    You will by the rivers find the type of Reed that looks different than those you find on land.

  • Today we can gather Tall grass for Reed and Straw, and we can also gather Moss for Straw.
    If you task your gatherers to get Straw, they will always go for Tall grass and Moss.
    If you task your gatherers to get Reed, they will always go for Tall grass granting Reed, or Reed looking like cat-tail grass by the riverside

  • The gather units are different in each difficulty, in Beginners we often get a full unit per 1 cut/crop/chop of resource, while Expert is a little reduced, and Hardcore is reduced a lot.

I am not a part of the Dev team, I am just an addicted player with high activity that spams a lof of feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed answer about straw/reed. I don’t play regularly it’s true so I didn’t know they implemented a new type of reed, different from the cat-tail one we can gather on riversides.

I did the tutorial like 10 times but I wont teach you that it contains only very basic information … Not always relevant for every situation/player.

I played this save in expert mode to try it so it could also partly explain the loss of efficiency.

Anyway thank you and have fun :slight_smile:

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