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Ancient Cities Early Access release date

So that every Citizen & Chief backer can test the game as soon as possible, we are happy to announce that Ancient Cities Early Access version will be released on Steam on December 17 2020.

We will dispatch keys for every Chief and Citizen backer starting today. Every backer with “Steam key reward” will be contacted in the following days so everyone can play the game from the first moment on Steam.

From public release day, NDA is lifted only for the public branch of the game.

After public release, backers with “Beta access reward” will gain access to the Beta branch where NDA still must be followed. WIP forums will be used after release for beta branch feedback. So all the information in WIP forums remains under NDA.

Please follow and add Ancient Cities to your Steam wishlist to support the game! This is extremely important to the performance of the game on the Steam store and the future development of the game.

Direct link on Steam app: Steam Store


I love this milestone! Well done.

That said, I advise you to manage the PR around it well and curb the expectations. You can’t afford lots of bad reviews if people have a wrong idea about the state of the game and its content at this point when they load it for the first ime.


So I’ve got this email saying ‘Ancient Cities Steam Key is awaiting for you on !!!’
It didn’t mention I had to have a forum account, but now I have the account.
Next question is where can I get this key? This post mentions dec 17th. I am confused…

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on the top of the page, click on any tab except forum then click on the little gear next to your name (top right) to get to your backer settings

you can find the key there :slight_smile:

Once I got to the Backer Settings page I still couldn’t see the key or any way of getting access to it. It appears that the “Accept EULA” button wouldn’t display in Chrome. Had to switch to Firefox to get it to show up properly in order to get my key.

it might be the only thing that work on firefox and not chrome

I’m happy for this. If it will help move the game forward and make it more successful, then I’m for it!

I think this will be good as there will be more people giving opinions and having discussions. Maybe it will help streamline the decision making process of the developers.

So what has or will change from the version most of us have been playing to the Steam version? Basically it has been sticks, berries and fish. Is hunting added in? Is more gathering?

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We will release the next version of the game on Steam Early Access.You can check out version changes in the WIP section of the forums.